Album: Afterimage (2010)

Song: Origins

Bitrate: 192kbps

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From This We Rise, a Progressive Metal band from Lancaster, PA, has completely reinvented themselves in the past few months. A few line-up changes and a complete re-vamping of their sound have resulted in their newest release, entitled "Afterimage".

Afterimage, a six song EP from the band, clocks in at roughly 40 minutes providing a good listen of the many influences and diverse backgrounds the band has. Not only as a whole, but as individual musicians. From This We Rise has worked hard to instill strong feeling and passion in their music and thus have created a new breath of life for themselves. The band is very excited about the release of Afterimage and hope that the songs on the EP will reach listeners in a positive and impactful way.

"From This We Rise is four veterans of the metal scene. Four guys with one mission: to never stop. There are hundreds of metal bands forming at this very moment, who could never dream to accomplish what these guys already have- staying true to their inner music, especially in a time when that is practically extinct."
-Bob Lebare,